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Connect with customers directly with Email Marketing.

Money is in the List & Fortune in the Follow-Up


The epoch of smartphone technology has fully turned around the notion of Email Marketing. Gone are the days when Email Marketing was linked to some sleazy sales tactic of barging into people’s inbox and bug them with flashy stereotyped promotions. In fact, with over one-third of personal and professional emails today being opened on smartphones and tablets, the new innovative technique of sending personalized emails has evidently stepped up Email Marketing ROI for SMEs and all big enterprises alike.

Why Gowebbi strongly suggests Email Marketing to businesses?

  • Mobility in Marketing – Over the years in the field of Digital Marketing, Gowebbi marketers have practically studied people’s changing perception on Email Selling and Promotion. In fact, the research says that more than half of the buyers on smartphone respond positively to customized emails (addressing name, tracking buying habits, etc.) and also take their purchase decision from those marketing emails. No prize for guessing, potential buyers only subscribe to emails from those sellers/retailers who suit their taste and once they get emails from their favorite brands on latest discounts and coupons their chance of sliding through the entire buying funnel – of opening the email, clicking on the discount link, entering the website cart and finally closing the deal – almost doubles!
  • Most In-Expensive Marketing Method – Pause a while and reflect on how much does it cost to build an application or software if you want to reach out to your customers on mobile? Seriously, one must dole out a chunk of reserves for a decent smartphone/tablet technology. Conversely, the good news is over one-third of gadget users check their mail on smartphones and a ‘targeted’ Email Marketing thus boost your scope of reaching out to those millions of your potential clients waiting to know about your latest product updates and seasonal discounts/gift coupons you have to offer them.

    Moreover, consumers who willingly subscribe to your store/product emails are already in a buying frame of mind and Gowebbi offers businesses some solid marketing technics to help convert this specific type of prospects into lifelong buyers. Once again, we all know how reasonable is an Email campaign in comparison to other Social Media/SMS Marketing campaigns. To be honest, Social Media is definitely an inevitable part of today’s marketing but look at the amount of space an email tool is offering in comparison to other marketing tools.
  • Money is in the List – This is a very well-known phrase which drives millions of businesses to establish an organized email listing of their clients and prospects. Now, if you are mailing your existing customers you can modify your marketing piece by infusing a nicely created upselling ambiance into your email content (videos and graphics paly great role here). Mainly, this kind of communication occurs more at a personal level where there is already a connection and your customers are already introduced to your products/services.

    Gowebbi marketing team is a connoisseur in composing well-researched sales letters, upsell letters, product and process writing, etc. We already have solutions to our client’s upselling difficulties and when it comes to cross-selling marketing Gowebbi has been breaking its own record of client satisfaction, year-on-year. Schedule a Call with Gowebbi Email Campaigner and learn more about Upselling and Cross-Selling in Email Marketing.
  • Creativity Is Only Constructive – Contradicting to its past image, the new era of Email Marketing disperses the idea of connecting businesses with all their consumers alongside as many prospects as possible. Gowebbi incorporates a perfect blend of content that amuses your clients to subscribe to your blogs, e-books, webinars, newsletters, videos, etc. on your website and simultaneously from various multiple sources.

    Statistics show that more than 75 percent of the online buyers subscribe to store/product/service emails and actually love to stay updated about what they have bought. Not only does this give them a sense of pleasure about their correct buying decision but they also don’t hesitate to buy a different product (cross-selling) from the same brand next time. For A/B Testing, Gowebbi leverages its Ad Savvy team in order to determine which design layout, jingles, marketing piece, etc. is converting highest for you. Psychologically, rather than a typecasted Sales Letter, a content piece with intriguing subject line and various Calls-To-Actions (CTA) lines drives consumers towards knowing more about the product by building extra interest and a level of confidence unto them.
  • Social Media vs. Email Marketing – You will find countless websites and blogs comparing the pros and cons of Email Marketing against Social Media. The holy fact is there ought to be no comparison between apples and oranges in the first place! Generally, Social Marketing is considered more like an initial and generic approach towards consumers, on the other side Email Marketing is more welcomed on the personal front with consumers giving explicit permission to their sellers/retailers to knock at their inbox. Naturally, you can offer a discount on an upsell or cross-sell only to your existing clients and hence this type of approach should be somewhat personal for which Email Marketing serves the best medium.

    At the same time, frivolous and non-business nature of Social Media is evident from the fact that any transactional receipt or client’s finance related information upon purchase of any product/service is sent via email as it’s considered the safest and sophisticated method of buying-sending receipts online. Again, it should be considered that the global email user list exceeds over three times to combined socials lists, which logically increases your touch base with consumers in high propensity via Email Marketing. Also, a well-drafted email to your valuable customers has an essence of romanticism which remains preserved in their memory and mailbox for a long time.
  • Metrics and Email Marketing Automation – Achieving commercial success in your Email Marketing Campaign fundamentally depends on implying Lead Scoring Method for which gauging metrics is important. Gowebbi Email Automation Software comes handy for tracking Email Delivery Rates, Open Rate, Click Through Rate (CTR), Bounce Rates, Unsubscribe Rates, Check Out process, etc. All these leads scaling metrics are at the heart of upholding the sales funnel.

    Gowebbi Email Automation software comes with a bespoke feature created for maintaining and updating client base, be it any scale or size. Gowebbi Email Automation tool also assists users in drafting, scheduling, labeling discounts and sending out emails to the customers in a well-organized manner.

    Only smart marketers can understand the worth of Email Marketing which is fundamental to local/global promotions, plus customer acquisition and retention. If you are looking for a localized/globalized Email Promotion of your store Send a Quote Request to Gowebbi Web Professionals for an Integrated Web Marketing Campaign Strategy combining Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing Solutions.

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