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People tend to undermine the power of relatively smaller but action-packed, active medium of Digital Marketing and that is Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing. We talk a lot about the impact of SEO, Social, Search and Display ads, etc. nonetheless given the popularity and coverage of smartphones, the non-intrusive SMS Marketing has the super potential of reaching out to targeted audiences – with a quick, immediate effect.

Gowebbi SMS Marketing services are amongst the bests in the industry! With Gowebbi, there is a slew of untapped marketing opportunities waiting for various businesses – in particular for the e-commerce enterprises – to help them smartly penetrate into their customers’ most private and personalized medium! Let’s unearth the hidden worth of the SMS Marketing to explore its class and dominance in the field of Digital Marketing and Promotions.

Mobile-Native Element – Your phone is your closest pal and confidant, isn’t it true? Well, this reason is more than enough to understand how you build trust within your consumers by sending your product/service updates directly on their phones.

No User-Interface Issues – Unlike other modes of communication, SMS promotion saves you from the intricacies of User-Interface compatibility issues, alongside smart SMS Call-To-Action (CTA) mantras make your buyers feel connected with their products all the time! The beauty of keeping it short and simple is what allures people the most to quickly look through what their seller has to convey them, in a jiffy – may be something as valuable as a renewal reminder, discount coupon, new product promotion, or anything they would like to know within those few seconds!

Why Choose Gowebbi SMS Marketing Services & Best Practices!

  • Nonintrusive, Regulatory SMS Compliance Methods – The years of extensive SMS promotions techniques have readied us to counter every stringent legal and regulatory compliance for SMS Marketing. Gowebbi creative team will indeed tell you how it's possible to build a massive contact database of your loyal customers and brand followers with attractive incentives and product reminder skills. These methods are neither intrusive nor conniving by any means.

    To help its clients acquire new customers, Gowebbi only uses various permission based SMS Marketing techniques. In the process, we also design and create for our client, various sign-up forms encouraging offers, promotions, prize contests, and other incentives. Indeed, Gowebbi mostly believes in applying incentive SMS marketing methods which have been reportedly converting the most bringing the best ROI to businesses all across the world.
  • Smart SMS Analytics & Open Rate Metrics – Our Open Rate metric system helps you gauge the performance of your messages on a real-time basis. We survive in a high-level competition age, and even the smallest negligence can cost us a substantial clientele loss, and trust us when we say this – we won’t ever let that happen to you!

    Our SMS Marketing Analytics also encapsulate subscriber growth index, opt-ins and opt-outs, offer redemption rate, purchase orders levels (pre, mid, post purchases) and much more for accurate ROI calculation of your campaign.
  • Customized SMS Database Management Tools – SMS Marketing has become an integral part of school, hospital, real-estate, restaurant, and retail communications as these sectors depend heavily on SMS services for regular announcements to be made to their clients/users – be it schools with parents, hospitals with patients, restaurants with regular visitors, and so forth. Also, those running sports, fitness, religious or spiritual institutes have been getting increasingly reliant on SMS Marketing for acquiring and retaining customers.

    Gowebbi offers smart SMS database management tools to its valuable clients as part of Marketing Automation services to

    Send updates, and reminders.Schedule messages – questionnaires, reminders, confirmations, etc.Achieve realistic target goals.
    Upgrade Short Codes and Keywords regularly in text messages.Custom subscriber data and timely auto-replies.Facilitate multi-media messaging services.
    Best personalize an SMS campaign and track, monitor, improve ROI.Collect and collate and subscribers list.Organize mass group texting and built-in link shrink.
  • Best E-Commerce SMS Promotions – If you’re an e-commerce business, SME or large scale, SMS Marketing is a must to keep your customers in the loop with your latest product/service updates, discounts and other incentives. In fact, SMS marketing has done wonders for businesses in selling fashion, cosmetics, and consumer products. Recent studies report that women are relatively more receptive towards getting SMS updates for quick shopping decisions which could be both time and money saving!

    Secure OTP Services – Again, all e-commerce transactions call for smooth and reliable OTP Services. Gowebbi avails you with prompt, secure OTP services at most competitive prices. We offer both single and double level authentication process and that too delivered as fast as within 2 minutes!

Finally, if you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, Gowebbi provides you comprehensive Digital Marketing services including designing, coding, and selling. For more on our e-commerce packages, Schedule a free discussion with Gowebbi E-Commerce Professional as we perform our best to help you realize your Integrated Marketing goals for better branding and selling of your products/services online.

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