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Do not chase your customers, let them find you instead

Over 93% of the Online Activities Begin with Search

Search Engine Marketing is the lifeline of your digital presence, and it embraces Search Engine Optimization (On-page and off-page), Paid Listing, Contextual Advertising, and Digital Assets Optimization (site and content relevance with media channels), etc. A combination of organic and paid marketing techniques for strengthening visibility/position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) terms broadly as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

The team Gowebbi considers itself one of the finest Search Engine Marketers in the industry as we follow SEM Best Practices to solve our customers’ unique, custom-made marketing requirements which call for better search engine presence on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


SEM is more like your customers finding you online rather than you chasing them hard!

An effective Search Engine Marketing is the one that brings your products/services right in front of the customers when they are looking for similar solutions online. The correct SEM techniques will retrieve/pull up your answers in search results when your prospective clients are performing their research, scrutinizing which brand to choose when they are already spoiled for choice.

Get Perfect Online Visibility with Gowebbi Search Engine Marketing Services.

  • Out of the Box Keyword Solutions – Gowebbi keyword researchers always think differently and won’t ever give you a bunch of clichés that never works for you. Only once we have properly analyzed the scope of your business, we suggest you appropriate keywords considering your market niche and location target. The secret of selling is that your prospective customers should relate their problems (demand) to your solutions (supply) and if they get psychologically gratified they will buy your products/services.

    The keyword your customers insert and the relevant graphical/contextual presentation of your solutions they receive, that simultaneously stands out from other competitors will delight their psyche, and if the trend persists, they will eventually become your loyal consumers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Organic Growth – The SEO is a technical art of bringing your site to the top most search engine results. And Gowebbi is a connoisseur of Search Engine Page Ranking (SERP) techniques that bring your website on the first Google and Bing search listings.

    SEO – both On-page and off-page – is like a goldmine of opportunities to fetch your products/services on the digital platform where they get a global exposure without any time boundaries. The best part of Search Engine Optimization is that it doesn’t cost you anything technically, all you need to invest on is your time and regular quality content to put on online, the growth takes place itself, organically.
  • Paid Listing/Advertising on Google and Bing – If your promotion strategies are time-bound and you are working against a deadline which demands meeting big sales targets, Paid Listing marketing is the one meant for you. Posting sponsored ads for Google and Bing search results require a high level of diligence, and you must apply bid placements, keyword optimization, copywriting skills, etc. to make sure your ads are right at the top during the peak search and sales hours of the day or night!

    Gowebbi empowers its PPC Marketing Campaign with performance index based on metrics. At every phase of the campaign we update our clients with metric analysis covering Cost Per Conversion, Click Through Ratio (CTR), Quality Score (QS), Cost Per Click (CPC), Conversion Rate (CR) and much more.

    We also make our clients understand the importance of ‘ad relevance' in a PPC campaign. If it's your landing page design or content that's not up to the mark or bringing down your ad relevance, we specially assign our designing experts to modify your ad page and increase its ad relevance. To further learn about the significance of landing pages you may Ask For A Call Back And Get A Free Consultation On Ad Design From Out Gowebbi Designing Expert!
  • Geo Targeting & Single/Multi Location Techniques – Geo Targeting gives your business a maximum coverage online and helps you to target your exact market niche. For all local businesses, Geo Targeting is a boon as local net surfers can never miss out on searching for products/services available in the neighborhood. That's what they are looking for in fact – discount offers at the nearby groceries, movies in the nearest multiplex, sale at the adjoining departmental stores, local fresh flowers shops, etc.

    Geo Targeting works well in case of both organic and paid searches, and Gowebbi SEM Marketing team leverages heavily on Geo-targeting skills to serve up ads only to extremely filtered audiences in select localities. Logically, this saves you a lot of time and reduces the hassle of building fluke strategies, on trial and error basis.
  • Creative Content for On-Page, Off-Page & Paid Search Optimization – Content is the king and driving force behind your SEM related activities. Be it your organic (on-page/off-page) or paid (ad copies) campaigns, Gowebbi does both extremely creatively and efficiently. The purpose is to stand out in the crowd and even if thousands other businesses are offering similar product/service yours should leap out.

    We assure you this is certainly possible with Gowebbi SEM Best Practices of unique keywords integrations, metrics calculations and copywriting services in line with Google Search Algorithms. Also, learn more about Gowebbi Content Creation and Digital Marketing Services and get the best content drafted for your Organic and Paid marketing requirements.
  • Robust ‘Mobile Digital Ecosystem’ Solutions – Your website's mobile compatibility with Search Engine is highly dependent on particular important Responsive Web Designing (RWD) factors including image scaling, image loading time, site compression, cookie settings, and integrations, etc. As most of your users would browse your website and promotional content on mobile, strengthening your Mobile Digital Ecosystem should be your critical SEM focus.

    With Mobile Marketing Best Practices, Gowebbi extends finest professional mobile designing and development services to make sure your consumers and prospects never miss out your offers. From the moment they start browsing your product, it catches their eyes, and they navigate its features till the time they desire to buy it and finally pay for it, we make online selling an incredibly smooth and comfortable process for your valuable consumers.

    With every passing phase, Google is working on more advanced techniques to create fast mobile pages. Gowebbi creates and guides you through Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on Google, the web giant’s latest innovation in the field of mobile web technology to give users four-time faster web-surfing experience on mobile.
  • New Age, State-of-Art SEM Solutions – After every Google updates, we find increasingly improvised and user-centric search methods coming into the picture. The RankBrain update has given rise to Voice Search integration into web pages as growing number of people prefer content search via asking rather than browsing through pages which are all the more time-consuming. In fact, machine learning is amongst the top most influential Google ranking factors, and as the world sets in the era of Artificial Intelligence, undoubtedly Voice Search reflects how people would like to find their content online.

    Secondly, Gowebbi strongly suggests its clients integrate an active social media presence, quality and natural link-buildings methods, website https, and efficient long-tail keyword usage as part of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy to meet Google and Bing SERP listing standards.
  • Performance Based Advertising (PBA) – Information Superhighway has also dynamical changed the face of Paid Listing giving rise to the Performance Based Advertising (PBA) model. It all started from CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) method in the 90s which counts the ad costs by the number of times it gets displayed on the web. Eventually, CPM was replaced with CPC (Cost Per Click) as it allows advertisers to pay only for the clicked ads. CPC or PPC (Pay Per Click) has been till date the most popular ad type preferred by advertisers across various sectors.

    However, in the recent times, the booming e-commerce industry has incessantly challenged the efficiency of Performance Based Advertising models while tracking a paid ad buying funnel. To counter those problems, more qualified sales goal oriented models have entered the digital markets. Two such models, ruling the current Paid Advertising industry, are Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Action (CPA). As the name suggests, CPL pricing method aims towards lead collection via Interruptive Marketing and Gated Content strategies; while CPA is more actual sales driven.

    Finally, the Performance Based Marketing also encapsulates the large field of Affiliate Marketing with growing number of marketers exploring various paid listing channels for increasing their revenues/commissions by monetizing traffic coming on their sites, blogs, social pages, etc. In fact, one can say, Affiliate Marketing has brought a competitive marketing taste with surging number of Affiliate and Ad Networks alluring millions of people to join affiliate programs and earn commissions by selling other people’s products/services.

    Remember, humans are ‘intellectual search animals,' and Search Engine Marketing is the first move towards reaching out to your market niche with your style and unique efforts that can not only woo your prospective buyers but also convert them into your loyal customers. To get more knowledge on the latest Search Engine Marketing trends Set A CallBack Appointment With Gowebbi SEM Expert And Avail A Customized Digital Marketing Plan For Your Business.

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